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Binary options are legal in the US and have overlapping regulatory agencies, chiefly the CFTC (Commodities Futures Trade Commission) and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).
There are several mediums that binary options robots use – the primary is an executable piece of software, the other requires you to share account information for the robot to trade on your behalf.
Binary options trade copying is a service offered in the same vein as robots and signals. Trade copying essentially connects your brokerage account to a ‘master’ account, and it will automatically trade your account for you.

If you were scammed out of your money due to a dishonest binary options broker or a service that lied about its performance, you still have options to recover some or all of your money Pay Back Funds is a company that specializes in the recovery of your money.

Scammers and fraudsters exist everywhere, and this is especially true when it comes to Bitcoin. As a brand new asset class, be very careful when it comes to opportunities in this investment space.
Bitcoin scammers are just like any other scammer. They will use high-pressure tactics, make you feel like you are missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity, and show you false promises of riches and results. They will make it all seem too good to be true.
Absolutely! As with any investment in any speculative market, the loss of value and your money is always at an inherent risk. But that is different from losing money because someone scammed you. Loss of value and market gyrations are one thing – but fraud is another.
Pay Back Funds specializes in the recovery of money from people who have fallen victim to fraud and scam artists. Pay Back Funds uses an exhaustive process to investigate and go after those who have wronged you deeply.
No – but there are scams and fraudsters that create pyramid schemes. This kind of behavior exists everywhere and is endemic to all traded financial markets. If you are looking for a broker and they’re offering to put you into a ‘team’ to build a network, odds are it’s a pyramid scheme. Read our related article: What is a pyramid scheme and how to avoid them.
Several major regulatory bodies/agencies around the globe regulate forex markets. In the US, brokers are regulated by the NFA (National Futures Association) and the CFTC (Commodities Futures Trade Commission) – but not FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). In the UK, the main regulatory body is the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). In the EU, all nations that make up the EU have their respective regulatory agency– but the standards that each member State must maintain are established in the MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive).
Great question! One of the first signs that the broker you are looking at is legitimate is if they disclose that they are registered with a specific regulatory authority such as the FCA (UK) or CFTC (US). Another great way to determine legitimacy is to read reviews by current and former customers.
SEC Rule 10b-5 simply states that it is unlawful to commit fraud or deceit on anyone. This involves practices listed above, but it also includes untrue information and even information that is omitted. (see
When it comes to the stock market’s regulatory and legal side, few words are as broad in their definition and meaning as manipulation. Stocks are always manipulated by large and small entities in (mostly) legal and ethical ways – that is the stock market’s nature. But some forms of stock manipulation are illegal, like front running and naked short selling. Naked short selling is the shorting of a stock without borrowing the underlying stock to short. A recent example of this is the percentage of short interest in GameStop by hedge funds in early 2021 – hedge funds were short 130% of GameStop’s float. In other words, hedge funds had 30% more shares short than are available.
No, the stock market is not a pyramid scheme. Like those who run Ponzi schemes, some fraudsters run pyramid schemes – but the stock market itself is not a pyramid scheme.
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